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Oversized original felt tip sketch of "President Kennedy's Wounds, 11/22/63" on a white 20 x 16 sheet, signed "Drawn by Robert McClelland, M.D., July 2, 2014." The sketch shows President Kennedy's head in profile, with the entry and exit wounds labeled on the head and neck. Rolled and in fine condition. This version of McClelland's sketch has two wounds to the front: a "probable" ent…

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Western Union Telegram sent to Jack Ruby by Col. Jack Stinson, president of the American Society of Auctioneers, one page, 8.5 x 5.5, stamp-dated November 24, 1963. In full: "The American Society of Auctioneers lauds your courageous action. We are 100 percent behind you. Our membership consists of members in all the 50 states of America." This telegram is published in the Investigation of the Ass…

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