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ALS signed “Th: Jefferson,” one page, 7.25 x 9.25, September 10, 1789. Letter to Nathaniel Cutting, a merchant who had been captured while commanding an American sailing vessel during the Revolutionary War; taken to England, he escaped and fled to France, where he remained for many years. Cutting helped to arrange Jefferson's return trip to the United States upon the conclusion of…

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Printed broadside document, signed “Th: Jefferson,” one page, 8.5 x 12.5, August 4, 1790. Broadside publishing an act passed by the Congress of the United States during its Second Session, in part: "An Act for the Relief of John Stewart and John Davidson. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives…That so much of the duties accruing on eighteen hundred bushels of salt im…

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Hand-addressed and free franked address panel, 4.75 x 3.25, addressed in Jefferson's hand to "Mr. Matthew Carey, Philadelphia," and franked in the upper left, "free, Th: Jefferson." Postmarked at Charlotte, VA, November 2, [no year]. In fine condition, with faint show-through along the bottom edge from a notation on the reverse. Mathew Carey was an Irish-born American publisher and economist…

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ALS, presumably as president, signed “Th: Jefferson,” one page, 7.75 x 3, no date but circa July 28, 1801. In full: "Th: Jefferson presents his salutations to Mr. Peyton. He has received the pair of horse nettings in good order, and being now making his last arrangements for departure incloses him 10 Dollars the price mentioned. Health & respect." Double-matted and framed to an ov…

Sold For: $5,638 (w/BP) Auction #603 - February 18, 2021 View Details