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About Us 2

Remarkable Auction Experience

You can count on first-class treatment, and rely on our experience and clout to attract buyers and collectors of the came caliber as the major auction houses. There's no secret to the results we deliver. We're respected and knowledgeable, yet lean and agile.

We can do things for you that the larger houses simply can't
Marilyn Monroe

When you sell an item through RR Auction, you're in good company

Blue Origin Auction

Blue Origin

We partnered with Blue Origin and auctioned the first seat to fly along with Jeff Bezos on his New Shepard rocket.



A family used our service to auction a letter from Einstein, featuring the E=mc² formula written in Einstein's own hand for over $1.2 million.

The owners of precious items trust us because we deliver the best of both worlds.

Over 40 years of passion for the historic items under our care


Bob Eaton, our CEO and founder, began buying and selling sports memorabilia in 1976. Thanks to his forward-looking vision, the business quickly grew, and became an auction house in 1995.


RR Auction pioneered online bidding, one of the first memorabilia auction houses to do so. Within a decade we held our first live event, and items sold for newsworthy prices. The live auction was a phenomenal success, and we’ve made it a regular feature in our repertoire.


We remain on the cutting edge, and we are always open to new collections in new segments. We already have the buyers, and we will swing into action when the opportunity presents itself.

We are always keeping up with modern trends and technology to sell every item in innovative ways.

Remarkable Reassurance

Johnny Ramone Guitar
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Johnny Ramone's stage-used and owned mosrite ventures ii guitar sold for $937,500

To ensure the highest authenticity, every item is carefully examined by third-party authenticators and experts. We partner with more than a dozen internationally-known specialists who collectively offer well over two centuries of experience.

You can buy with confidence that you’re purchasing a true piece of history, and this high level of certainty has created great results for our consignors, as well!

We’ve successfully auctioned relics such as guitars owned and used by great musicians, letters written and signed by celebrities and presidents, and countless artifacts in the worlds of sports, technology, history, and entertainment.

Our agility, expertise, and pool of seasoned buyers make it easy to sell new collections in different segments.

Remarkable Treatment


When you call us, you won’t have to waste your time on hold or push through a jungle of gatekeepers. We are a small, close-knit, fast-moving team, and we will usually put you on the line with a decision-maker within minutes.

We can give you realistic assessments and inform you of different options before you’re committed.

Parting with a rare and cherished item can be an emotional experience. Dealing with impersonal sales reps only makes it worse. We offer a more personal service than larger auction houses ever can.

You can expect fair and reasonable fees, and we will honor any special requests in a timely manner.

Best of all, you can know with confidence that whatever item you’re selling, you will get Remarkable Results.



It’s no accident that we’ve had more than 45 years of success. Making things easy for the buyer is a part of our DNA.

Our commitment to convenience, fairness, and transparency has made us one of the top auction houses in the country. We have streamlined many steps in the bidding process, from easy registration to delivery after a successful bid.

Over the years, we have pioneered new ways to bid on items.

Best of all, we consistently have rich and diverse collections in every segment.


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