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You, your staff and your company are by far the best I have ever dealt with...

Just FYI. You, your staff and your company are by far the best I have ever dealt with in my memorabilia collecting (35 years). Everyone always responds quickly and is very helpful. The items are amazing, shipped and packed carefully with the letters of authenticity that I prefer. I have bought from 2 other auction houses and they are not close to your quality and professionalism. I will stick with you guys from now on and not waste my time with the others. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

Looking forward to bidding on more music autographs!

-- Wyatt, Oklahoma City

Quality material + customer service and class = success

Hi Bob and Bobby,

Thank you so much for the gift basket and the generous check. Much appreciated. As I tell everyone, RR is a class operation and there is a reason why you are so successful. Quality material + customer service and class = success.

Thanks again and best regards for a very prosperous 2014!

-- Steve

#1 fan of R&R


My son and his girlfriend have been visiting since Dec. 26.....they just left today. It was really great to see him (he lives in Ca.), and we kind of spent every spare moment with them. Now, I can get to digging up some stuff and photoing it for you! My best, and thanks so much for the Harry and David stuff this are a class act, and the candy was delicious. Kelley sends her love to you! I send my best and let's do continued great business this year. I am a #1 fan of R& have treated me with class and respect. I suspect you treat all your sane customers that way! ..........not that I am sane. :)

-- Best, Doug

You folks are terrific, I tell everybody.

Congratulations on Sgt. Pepper last week! You folks are terrific, I tell everybody.

-- All the best, Joe

Unfortunately I have an enormous problem ......

Morning Mandy, Adam,

Just thought I'd let you know that the package with the Pasteur letter, Schumachers racing boots and Ringo Starr's boots arrived safely over the weekend.

Unfortunately I have an enormous problem ......

I simply can't decide which I am most impressed by

What a dilemma ????

MANY thanks and all the best

-- David

The staff at R & R --- you guys are great...Here is a story you will like...

I have know Bob Eaton, Sr. since the early 80's....

...I am sure Bob would like to hear how good I've been treated and at the age of 64 - a day will come where I will have Bob, Sr. come out and auction off my collection.

I'm 64-years old, I started collecting in 1959.

Here is a story you will like.

In early 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and Roger Peterson (the pilot) all died in very sad plane crash.

Three months later. my MOM called Ritchie Valens' mother, Mrs. Valenzuela. We lived about an hour from Ritchie's families home. Ritchie's Mom made lunch for us - because we were a guest in their home. After we finished, Mrs. Valenzuela, took me into Ritchies' bedroom !!!!

Where she had been putting together pieces of homework, where Ritchie had signed his name on the homework - in the upper right hand corner. Totally OLD SCHOOL. She let me have one. She was getting all kinds of requests. I was only 10 years old but I put her in touch with some old school, veteran autograph collectors.

I had one for my collection ---- and tried to help his Mother sell the homework - where he had signed his name. Needless to say, that is truly one of my greatest memories in my career of collecting.

Adam, thanks again for all your help. I know you are a young man and do a GREAT job for R & R. I will make sure I left Bob, Sr. know - just give me his e-mail address.

I assume that you treat all of the other customers as good as you have treated me - Bob, Sr. is lucky to have you and I will make sure he gets a nice e-mail from me reflecting how much I appreciate you and some other staff.

Keep up the GREAT job.

-- Your Friend In San Diego, Roger

HOLY MANATEE !!...YOU have added sizzle to the auction process!

Erika -

I did not think Dan and your crew could improve on the narrative of the prior month - HOLY MANATEE !! You did it !! Excellent narratives all around for the April 426 !!

In the recent months I have found the narratives have improved significantly ! Kudos to you and your staff for improving things - In the past I had to make corrections for errors and verbage.

YOU have added sizzle to the auction process!

The work of you and your staff is greatly appreciated !!

Stay warm - throw another log on the fire !!

-- Bill

Bravo, team!

My catalog arrived and I got a chance to sit down and go through it last night. I think you guys did a fabulous job! I like the way you arranged the groupings, and the way you emphasized the most important items. The lay-out and presentation are first-rate.

Please convey my congratulations to everyone who participated: research, formatting and execution.

-- Yours, Larry guys are great and have been for 30 years!

Not worried about me at all....I'd love to see Denise realize the most from her documents and RR is the only way to go in my guys are great and have been for 30 years!

-- John W.

To all at R&R Auctions,

I so appreciate your reaction to my concern. You have no idea the comfort you have given me. As you know, I am a long time customer and your customer service is phenomenal. Thank you again for your attention to this ALS.

-- L. S.