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NWA 12698 CR2 Meteorite Slice

Rare CR2 meteorite—complete slice of NWA 12698
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Rare CR2 meteorite—complete slice of NWA 12698

Sahara Desert, Northwest Africa

This is a complete slice of a CR2 meteorite, an uncommon variety of carbonaceous chondrite. There is fusion crust around the rim and primarily type 1 chondrules (they formed earlier in solar system history) suspended throughout the matrix. Also seen are CAIs (Calcium Aluminum Inclusions), the first material to condense out of the gaseous solar nebula from which our solar system originated, and it’s the oldest matter mankind can touch. This is a highly select example of an uncommon meteorite.

80 x 20 x 40 mm and 24.6 grams.

Provenance: The Stifler Collection of Meteorites.

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  • Dates: #607 - Ended April 22, 2021