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NWA 11081 Eucrite Meteorite End Cut

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Northwest Africa (NWA) 11081 eucrite meteorite end cut, a very rare type thought to be from Asteroid Vesta. The end cut weighs 65.1 grams and measures 58 mm x 46 mm x 16 mm, featuring a polished face speckled in grey, white, and black, juxtaposed against its weathered exterior. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Aerolite Meteorites.

Eucrites are achondrites ('without chondrules') and are basalt-cooled lava attributed to Vesta. Eucrites take their name from the Greek word 'eukritos' meaning 'easily distinguished,' and while that relates specifically to the large size of silicate grains within them, they are also easily distinguished because they are typically very light in weight, and often in color too, at least on the inside. This makes eucrites especially difficult to recover and identify in the field, as they do not contain the large amounts of iron that are typically found in most other meteorite types. The moon, Mars, and Vesta are, so far, the only specific points of origin we have for meteorites—we know that most come from the asteroid belt, but only Vesta has been specifically identified as a parent body. NWA 11081 was found in Northwest Africa in 2016

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