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Jim McDivitt

A7L pressure glove shell gifted to a young space enthusiast in 1971
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A7L pressure glove shell gifted to a young space enthusiast in 1971

A partial left-handed EV (Extravehicular) glove shell used during training by Jim McDivitt. Beta cloth glove measures 20.5 inches long and 10.25 inches wide at the cuff. At the knuckle portion the glove has a velcro flap and three snaps near the wrist. The flap provided access to the palm restraint strap which could be adjusted to regulate the ballooning effects of pressurization. Sewn on the gauntlet of the glove is an International Latex Corporation label with typed information as follows: “Item Glove Assy I/TMG, AT7L-203000-01; Model No. 2001A; Size: McDivitt; Serial 912; Date: 11/67; Contract No: NAS 9-610074897.” The label also bears several red felt tip lines through it. In very good condition, with multiple holes and worn spots to fingers and palm, some fraying to seams, and scattered soiling. The glove is missing the woven metal fabric (Chromel-R) over the palm and fingers as well as the silicone rubber-coated nylon tricot shells which would have coated the thumb and fingertips.

Accompanied by a typed letter of provenance from the original recipient, presented to him when he was just an elementary school student. Letter reads, in part: “This NASA training glove, worn by astronaut James A. McDivitt, was given to me by a NASA representative in 1971 while I was in grade school…My classmate and I was completing [sic] with each other to see who can obtain the most free materials and photographs from all the NASA Space Centers…One day…the principal called us up to his office. He explained to us that because of our numerous letters that we both sent to NASA…the Public Affairs office had made a decision to sent [sic] a NASA representative…I was given the privilege of putting on and displaying a mockup of a simulated space suit…My classmate received a couple of things…As for myself, I received the McDivitt training glove.” Also accompanied by a photocopied news clipping of the NASA representative’s visit to the school.

The A7L Extra-vehicular pressure glove is fabricated from multiple layers of Mylar, Dacron, and Beta Cloth, which attaches to and locks to the space suit's torso limbs via aluminum quick disconnect couplings The glove shell is a conformal multi-layered assembly which provides scuff, abrasion and thermal protection to the pressure glove. A great identified piece of personal space memorabilia with a charming story of provenance. RR Auction COA.

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