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Aba Panu Meteorite Complete Slice

Alluring complete meteorite slice from the Aba Panu witnessed fall

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Alluring complete meteorite slice from the Aba Panu witnessed fall

Stone meteorite, chondrite, L3.6, Oyo, Nigeria

A superb complete slice of an alluring meteorite — the best specimens of Aba Panu specimens feature two lithologies, as seen in the current example. Metallic flakes originating from the core of an asteroid are suspended throughout the matrix.

Aba Panu descended to Earth before fragmenting in the upper atmosphere on April 19, 2018. Numerous stones landed between the Nigerian villages of Ipapo and Tede — including Aba Panu, for which this was named. The incoming fireball’s velocity was determined to have been nearly 13 miles per second prior to encountering Earth’s outer atmosphere.

Aba Panu is classified as an L3.6 chondrite, the “L” indicates it is relatively low in free metal and the “3.6” indicates it is largely unmetamorphosed as a result of having experienced little heating and pressure on its parent body. There are only 13 other L3 witnessed falls, none of which are readily available and now offered is an engaging complete slice.

46 x 55 x 2mm (1.75 x 2 x 0.1 in.) and 16.38 grams.

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  • Dates: #664 - Ended April 20, 2023