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Otto Berg's Scientific Papers

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Group of Otto Berg's own scientific papers and offprints, plus a few complete journals, articles, and glossy photographs. Berg authored or co-authored some 67 published papers throughout the course of his career, with this personal archive representing the depth and breadth of his scientific work over several decades. Highlights include:

- Two offprints of "The X-Ray Storage Properties of the Infra-Red Storage Phosphor and Application to Radiography" by O. E. Berg and H. F. Kaiser, reprinted from the Journal of Applied Physics (April 1947).
- Complete issue of Nucleonics: An International Journal for Techniques and Applications of Nuclear Science (February 1948), containing an article, "The Naval Research Laboratory Betatron," co-authored by Berg.
- Offprint of "Use of a Photo-Tube to Correlate Contact Separation with Electrical Transients" by O. E. Berg and H. E. Stauss, reprinted from The Review of Scientific Instruments (March 1951).
- Two issues of Office of Naval Research: Research Reviews (September 1955), in which Berg's article "High-Altitude Portrait of Storm Clouds" appears, plus offprints of the article.
- Review copy of NASA Technical Note D-1544, "Direct Measurements of Cosmic Dust Showers," by W. M. Alexander and O. E. Berg.
- Offprint of "Filamentary Growth Associated with Impact Craters from Hypervelocity Microparticles" by Otto E. Berg and J. A. M. McDonnell, reprinted from Science (May 1970).
- Two offprints of "Orbital Elements of Micrometeorites Derived from Pioneer 8 Measurements" by Otto E. Berg and Ulrich Gerloff, reprinted from Journal of Geophysical Research (December 1970).
- Four offprints of "More Than Two Years of Micrometeorite Data from Two Pioneer Satellites" by O. E. Berg and U. Gerloff (1971).
- Seven offprints of "Evidence of Hyperbolic Cosmic Dust Particles" by O. E. Berg and E. Gruen, presented at the Fifteenth Plenary Meeting of COSPAR (May 1972).
- Offprint of "A Source for Hyperbolic Cosmic Dust Particles" by Herbert A. Zook and Otto E. Berg (1975).
- Five offprints of "A Lunar Terminator Configuration" by O. E. Berg, reprinted from Earth and Planetary Science Letters (1978).
- Offprint of "Response of Lunar Ejecta and Meteorites Experiment (LEAM) to Electrostatically Charged Lunar Dust" by Otto E. Berg and Derek Perkins (1979), with the original first proof of the article.

From the collection of Dr. Otto Berg.

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