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Collection of twelve historic items affiliated with the United States Department of Justice:

(1.) Book: 200th Anniversary of the Office of the Attorney General, 1789-1989 (Justice Management Division). From the library of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, with bookplate: “Ex Libris Warren E. Burger” with gold embossed seal of the United States Supreme Court.

(2.) Signed book: Federal Justice by U.S. Attorney General Homer Cummings, (Macmillan Company 1937). Inscription by the AG Cummings to sitting Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court: “To Mr. Justice Butler, With the best wishes & friendship of Homer Cummings, Jan 11/37.”

(3.) Typed letter signed by U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell, to Paul W. Williams, U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York, dated October 29, 1957. Signed “Herb” and docketed “Oct 30 1957 UNITED STATES ATTORNEY SO. DIST. OF N.Y.” Letterhead of Office of the Attorney General - Washington, D.C.” Upon the announcement of AG Brownell’s resignation as Attorney General, he informs Mr. Williams: “The greatest satisfaction I have had in my official work here in Washington has been the opportunity to work with the attorneys in the Department who like yourself established such a fine professional record and have served so faithfully in public service.”

(4.) Typed letter signed by Charles J. Bonaparte, in his capacity as Chairman of the National Municipal League to Members of the Council of the National Municipal League, dated December 1, 1911. In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt appointed Bonaparte Secretary of the Navy. In 1906 Bonaparte moved to the office of Attorney General, which he held until the end of Roosevelt's term. He was active in suits brought against the trusts and was largely responsible for breaking up the tobacco monopoly; he was considered to be the founder of the FBI. Bonaparte was one of the founders, and for a time the president (1903-1910), of the National Municipal League. The National Municipal League (today, the National Civic League) was formed in 1894 at the National Conference for Good City Government in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the mission to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities.

(5.) Handwritten letter from the “Attorney General’s Office, Washington, April 7, 1853, from “J. Mason” to H.H. Heath, Esq. (who was for a time a deputy clerk in the House of Representatives and later Secretary of the Territory of New Mexico. This was the Attorney General’s response to a letter concerning papers being sent to the Secretary of the Interior.

(6.) Vintage Buffalo China coffee cup and saucer, ivory, acquired from Main Justice Building in Washington, DC at the time of its extensive renovation in the 1990s.

(7.) Confidential Office Memorandum initialed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ("JEH") to the U.S. Attorney General, September 13, 1951. Oval stamp “Received Office of the Attorney General Sep 14 1951.” Extraordinarily detailed 7 1⁄2 page report about the alleged nefarious activities affecting Latin America (notably, Argentina, with confidential reports from or about William D. Pawley (Consultant to the Secretary of State), General Dwight Eisenhower, Dean Acheson, Spruiville Braden, AG Tom C. Clark, Secretary of State Byrnes, and President Truman, and George Michanowsky (former Executive Secretary of the Latin American Affairs Committee, Congress of Industrial Organizations, NYC).

(8.) Signature of Attorney General John W. Griggs (McKinley administration, January 25, 1898 - March 29, 1901). Autographed card from “Department of Justice” stating “Kindly permit Gov. & Mrs. Sheehan to inspect the Executive Mansion.” This appears to be a White House pass for former Lt. Governor of New York (1892 to 1894), William Francis Sheehan, who was a prominent New York lawyer and politician.

(9). Signature of U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark (November 28, 1966 - January 20, 1969). Autographed official card, with the seal of the Department of Justice and “The Attorney General” - “Washington.” As Attorney General, Clark was known for his vigorous opposition to the death penalty, aggressive support of civil liberties and civil rights, and dedication to enforcing United States antitrust laws.

(10.) Original Photograph of Robert F. Kennedy with his family in McLean, Virginia, dated December 30, 1959 (AP Newsfeatures Photo). U.S. Attorney General (January 21, 1961 - September 3, 1964) and U.S. Senator from New York (January 3, 1965 - June 6, 1968). Accompanied by engraved invitation to the McLean home of the Kennedys in 1968.

(11.) Typed letter signed by U.S. Attorney General Francis Beverly Biddle. This two-page letter is on official stationery, Office of the Attorney General - Washington, D.C., dated February 26, 1944, addressed to and received by the Secretary of the Navy, concerning an interpretation of the War Labor Disputes Act. The letter also features an advertisement “For Victory Buy United States Defense Bonds and Stamps.” President Roosevelt appointed Biddle Attorney General of the United States on September 5, 1941, and he remained in that office until June 30, 1945.

(12.) Book: The Attorney General’s Conference on Organized Crime (February 1950), from the chambers of Chief Justice Burger, Retired.

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