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Apollo 3 (AS-202) Block I Presumed Flown CM Sextant Cables and Trunnion Mirror

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Apollo CSM sextant cables, trunnion mirror, and connector presumed flown by consignor on the unmanned AS-202 mission on August 25, 1966. The cables are labeled "1011713 SKC S10" and "1011896 EKC S11," the connector is marked "1012245KICs1, Rev. A," and the trunnion mirror is marked "Flt 202" in white ink. Includes a handwritten note: "Removed from OUA 10011000-004, SN: KIC12, Flight 202, 3/2/67." This is presumed to be the date the items were removed from the CM Sextant by Kollsman when the sextant was being evaluated for post-flight testing.

AS-202 was the first test flight of the Apollo Command/Service Module with the complete Block I guidance and navigation system in it. The sextant could be used to determine the Command Module’s position and attitude with relation to stars or landmarks. This data was then supplied to the onboard computer to update the spacecraft’s Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

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