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Apollo 8 Access Badge and MCC Certificate: William P. MacGregor

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Two items issued to Johnson Space Center employee William P. MacGregor—an Apollo 8 laminated access badge for NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, 2.25 x 4, stamped “A” and “8”; and Philco-Ford “Recognition of Service” certificate from NASA’s Mission Control Center, 11 x 8.5, which certifies that MacGregor “participated in support of Apollo 8, first manned Saturn V mission, and the first manned orbit of the moon,” and is signed at the conclusion by two managers. The Borman signature is printed. In overall fine condition.

MacGregor, an employee of Philco-Ford, a developer of the computer consoles for NASA, worked with Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center from 1965 through 1970. On hand as the Gemini and Apollo programs made space travel history, MacGregor worked in roles related to communications, vehicle systems, and the Electrical Power System of the Command Module. Additionally, MacGregor routinely helped fix the vehicles of his friends and NASA coworkers. He became so skilled and specialized that following his retirement from Philco-Ford, Mac returned to his childhood home in Dormont, PA, and opened MacGregor's Volkswagen Repair.

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