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Apollo 16

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Official NASA “Apollo Operations Handbook, Command and Service Modules, J Series Missions, CSM 112 Thru 115” (SD 70-220) for the Apollo 16 mission, with the subheading, “Volume 2, Operational Procedures.” The manual, 8 x 10.5, approximately 856 pages and 2″ thick, dated July 17, 1970, is comprised of two main sections: Normal/Backup Procedures (which features 19 subsections such as Prime Crew Prelaunch Checks, Boost and Insertion, Injections, Systems Management, G&C Reference Data, Rendezvous, LM Interface & EVA Activities, Navigation, Prethrusting, Entry, Postlanding, CSM Experiments, Camera Support Procedures, and more), and Contingency Procedures (which features three subsections: Abort Procedures, Malfunction Procedures, and Emergency Procedures.) Also contains two detailed appendices. Housed in a modern three-ring binder. In fine condition, with heavy toning and wear to the front cover and rust marks and dings to the back cover.

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