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Space Shuttle SRB Bump Recorder

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Bump Recorder Type 2503 made by Bruel & Kjaer, a Danish company well-known for sound and vibration measuring equipment, with a United Technologies/United Space Boosters label on one side: "Bump Recorder, Part No. 64809/10400-0667-801, Date: 10-7-88, Ser No. 1128517, Mod No. 2503, Contr No. NAS8-36300." This recorder was used to monitor shocks that the Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) segments would have been exposed to in transit, printing a record of the shocks on a reel of thin paper tape. It is battery powered and presumably was designed to power the recorder for the duration of the SRB segment transport; it could likely be operated but the battery pack would almost certainly need to be re-celled. It will accept inputs from most accelerometers used for vibration work, though this was designed for one of the B&K triaxial accelerometers. Includes a thick polyurethane foam transit case with United Technologies/United Space Boosters on the top, dated 1991.

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