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Apollo 15 Flown Towel Assembly Bag

Beta-cloth "Utility Towel" bag carried to the moon during Apollo 15
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Beta-cloth "Utility Towel" bag carried to the moon during Apollo 15

Flown Utility Towel Assembly Bag carried into lunar orbit aboard the Command Module Endeavor during the historic Apollo 15 mission, signed and flight-certified in blue ink, “Flown aboard Apollo 15, July 26-Aug 7, 1971, Dave Scott, Apollo 15 CDR.” The white Beta-cloth zippered pouch has a flap at the top with a label marked: “CM Utility Towel Assy., Mfg. By: B. Welson Co., P/N: SEB421000079-204, S/N: 1115, Date of Mfg. 2/26/68.” Another label to the bag’s inside reads: “CM Utility Towel Bag Assy., Mfg. By: B. Welson Co., P/N: SEB421000084-203, S/N: 1145, Date of Mfg. 2/2q9.” In fine condition, with expected wear and a stain to reverse.

Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Scott: “I hereby certify that the Apollo 15 Beta-cloth ‘Utility Towel Assembly’ bag is from my personal collection and was carried aboard the Apollo 15 Command Module Endeavour during the first extended scientific exploration of the Moon…This bag was assigned to the Commander and was flown in lunar orbit for 6 days (74 orbits) during the exploration of the Hadley Apennine region of the Moon…

This particular bag played an essential role in the recovery from an emergency during Apollo 15. Soon after departure…the crew encountered a severe water leak of unknown origin inside the spacecraft…Fortunately the towels in this particular bag were readily accessible and quickly retrieved to soak up the floating water and prevent these hazards from occurring." An indispensable artifact that played a key role in keeping the Apollo 15 mission intact.

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