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Lot #6024
Apple Corp. Group of (33) Slides

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Estimate: $1000+
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Group of 33 original vintage circa 1980s color 35mm presentation slides, all marked with a brief caption and "Apple Computer, Inc." The slides present a short, chronological history of the company, with especially noteworthy subjects including: the original Apple logo; an Apple I computer; the Byte Shop; Steve Jobs at the West Coast Computer Fair in 1977 introducing the Apple II; John Sculley introducing Apple IIc; Steve Jobs and John Sculley introducing the Macintosh; a still from the famed '1984' Super Bowl ad; and Apple’s Bandley 1 facility. Other images represent various markets (e.g. "International," "Consumer," "K-12 Education," "Desktop Publishing") or portray various Apple executives. In overall fine condition.

Auction Info

  • Auction Title: Steve Jobs + Apple
  • Dates: #598 - Ended December 17, 2020