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Apollo 15 Lunar Surface-Used Flown OPS Shell Segment

Used on the lunar surface for Dave Scott's three EVAs, and during Al Worden's trans-Earth EVA
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Used on the lunar surface for Dave Scott's three EVAs, and during Al Worden's trans-Earth EVA

Extraordinary segment of flown Beta cloth and Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) from the cover of CDR Dave Scott's Oxygen Purge System, carried to the moon on Apollo 15 and used on the lunar surface during three EVAs by CDR Scott; it was then used by CMP Al Worden during his trans-Earth EVA on the way home. This section of the OPS cover was thus exposed to the lunar surface for over 18 hours , and to the vacuum of space for 39 minutes. The segment measures 11″ x 6.5″, and features snaps along the edges for securing it to the OPS unit, which was mounted atop the PLSS backpack during EVAs. It is cut along the edge, revealing the inner MLI. In fine condition.

Accompanied by a detailed signed letter of provenance from Dave Scott, in part: "I hereby certify that the segment of beta cloth included with this letter partially covered the Oxygen Purge System (OPS) that I used for three EVAs on the lunar surface during Apollo 15, the first extended scientific exploration of the Moon, July 26-August 7, 1971. The OPS with this beta cover segment was also used by Al Worden during his Trans-earth EVA…The OPS supplies oxygen purge flow and pressure control for certain failure modes of the PLSS or suit during EVA. The OPS is an assembly of two spheres of oxygen mounted as a unit on top of the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) (backpack) strapped to the back of the astronaut on the lunar surface or carried separately attached by straps to the lower front portion of the suit to supply oxygen during emergency EVA transfer from the Lunar Module to the Command Module in lunar orbit. The OPS was also used for emergency oxygen by the CMP during his Transearth EVA to collect film from the Service Module Bay. The OPS can provide 30 minutes of breathing oxygen and limited cooling to the astronaut. In the lunar EVA configuration, the OPS is mounted on top of the PLSS."

During their three Apollo 15 EVAs, Dave Scott and Jim Irwin logged over 18 hours on the lunar surface, traveling 17.3 miles in the Lunar Roving Vehicle. This shell segment was an integral component of the OPS, which was worn any time the astronaut was outside of the Lunar Module and served as a critical piece of safety equipment for survival on the lunar surface. It was then worn by Al Worden during his historic 'deep space' EVA—the first such spacewalk in history. A simply spectacular flown piece.

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