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Apollo Command Module SE-8 Rocket Engine

SE-8 rocket engine for the Apollo Command Module

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SE-8 rocket engine for the Apollo Command Module

Test-fired Rocketdyne SE-8 rocket engine for an Apollo Command Module Reaction Control System (RCS) bi-propellant thrust chamber assembly manufactured in the first quarter of 1964, weighing 9.3 lbs, measuring 11.25″ in height and 5″ in diameter, with dual wiring extending to approximately 36″ in length. The Rocketdyne label, which features considerable wear and tear, reads, in part: “Propulsion System Component, Rocket Engine Assy, Part No. 99-106003…Serial No. 4058360.” The unit contains various felt tip notations, “2108” and others relative to mounting, as well as numerous part numbers and inspection stamps, with examples as follows: “For Breadboard Test Only, 23 H # R17391,” “REF: ECR 154062,” “Test Only,” and “207576, S/N 7018319.” The fuel and oxidizer valve assemblies are present to the upper portion with red caps. In very good condition, with expected wear from testing. Twelve of these engines were installed on the Apollo Command Module (CM), with each utilizing the propellants Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4) and Monomethylydrazine (MMH) as fuel. SE-8s were integrated on the CM in two systems of six engines and provided it with rotation control, rate damping, and attitude control after its separation from the Service Module and during reentry. Sale of this item is limited to US Citizens and Organizations (only) to comply with US technology transfer restrictions.

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