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Campo del Cielo "Show and Tell" Meteorite [Personal Collection of Geoffrey Notkin]

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Iron meteorite, IAB. First described 1576, Argentina. Weighing 1,196.5 grams (2 2/3 pounds) and measuring 111 mm x 86 mm x 49 mm. Aerolite Meteorite’s CEO and Meteorite Men star, Geoffrey Notkin, is also an internationally-published science writer and in-demand public speaker. He has presented at Kennedy Space Center, the European Space Agency Operations Center HQ, The Royal Ontario Museum, The International Space Development Conference, The Explorers Club, The California Academy of Sciences, Lowell Observatory, National Space Center UK and numerous other notable venues and events and is also a TEDx speaker (Institut le Rosey). One of Notkin’s signature acts at his talks is to pass a meteorite around through the audience in order to give attendees the experience of holding a genuine space rock.

Such a specimen must be large enough to impress audience members, and must also exhibit the striking visual features that are unique to meteorites. In other words, a “wow piece.” This excellent, beautifully-regmaglypted Campo del Cielo individual iron meteorite is just such a piece. Notkin personally selected this example because of its outstanding surface features and shape, which resembles a dinosaur footprint or possibly a maple leaf. If you happened to attend one of Notkin’s popular presentations during the past few years, you may already have seen this fine meteorite (don’t worry, it has been carefully cleaned since its travels). From the personal collection of a well-known meteorite specialist and host of TV’s Meteorite Men. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Aerolite Meteorites.

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  • Dates: July 09 - July 16