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Millbillillie (Euc) Meteorite

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Eucrite stone meteorite from Asteroid Vesta. Witnessed fall, October 1960, Western Australia. Complete fusion-crusted individual. Weighing 29.5 grams and measuring 35 mm x 32 mm x 24 mm. Eucrites are achondrites (“without chondrules”) and are basalt—cooled lava from Vesta. Eucrites take their name from the greek word “Eukritos” meaning “easily distinguished,” and while that relates specifically to the large size of silicate grains within them, they are also easily distinguished because they are typically very light in weight, and often in color too, at least on the inside. This makes eucrites especially difficult to recover and identify in the field, as they do not contain the large amounts of iron that are typically found in most other meteorite types.

Experienced meteorite collectors—and especially meteorite hunters—well know the popular phrase directed at amateurs who think they may have found a real space rock: “If it doesn’t stick to a magnet, it’s not a meteorite.” While that statement is true for the vast majority of meteorites, it does not apply to this shiny stone that fell near the town of Wiluna in Western Australia during October of 1960. The significant fall was witnessed by only two men, and it wasn’t until ten years later that the first stone was actually found, indicating how very difficult it can be to spot eucrite meteorites in the field.

One of the most desirable characteristics of Millbillillie is its remarkably black glossy fusion crust which, in some cases—such as this fine example—is so shiny it looks almost like sprayed-on enamel paint! Fusion crust occurs when the surface of incoming meteorites is super-heated in our atmosphere. Millbillillie is one of the few meteorites that displays such a shiny, glassy crust. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Aerolite Meteorites.

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