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Canyon Diablo Meteorite

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Iron meteorite IAB-MG, Coconino County, Arizona, USA, first known 1891. Sculptural specimen with good surface features. Weighing 12.2 kg (26.75 lbs) and measuring 216 mm x 184 mm x 127 mm. Some collectors prefer meteorites that show their natural gunmetal color and, to that end, this specimen has been gently cleaned to remove much of the oxidation, although some of its desert patina remains. Note the large, natural spherical scoop that was likely formed by the erosion of a soft carbon nodule. Accompanied by a custom wooden stand with plaque and the original 1990 "Bethany Sciences" catalog from which this meteorite was originally purchased. 

Canyon Diablo is a steep-sided ravine some distance west of Meteor Crater and meteorites found around the crater take their name from it (the convention being that meteorites are named after the nearest town or geographical feature to their fall location and they could hardly be named after the crater that they, themselves, formed). Meteor Crater is internationally recognized as a scientific site of unique importance and meteorite collecting there is no longer permitted. Older specimens that were found during the first half of the 19th century, or earlier, when collecting was still allowed are, therefore, highly desirable. This hefty specimen displays numerous good surface features and stands up naturally in several orientations, making it an attractive display piece from the world's most celebrated impact site.

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