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Gunther Stent Archive

Appreciation for Berkley molecular biologist Gunther Stent, highlighted by six Nobel Prize winners
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Appreciation for Berkley molecular biologist Gunther Stent, highlighted by six Nobel Prize winners

Interesting archive from the papers of Gunther Stent, a noted molecular biologist and philosopher of science who was a longtime professor at UC Berkeley. The highlight is a red leather presentation binder gilt-stamped on the front, "Gunther S. Stent, In Celebration of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday, March 24, 1989." Bound inside are a 12-page typed tribute to Stent from the March of Dimes praising his indispensable work, followed by a bound collection of items signed by more than 70 of his colleagues and admirers, generally comprised of their photos affixed opposite curriculum vitae, along with personal tributes to Stent. Highlights include Nobel Prize winners Werner Arber, Francis Crick, David H. Hubel, Francois Jacob, Niels Kaj Jerne, and Torsten N. Wiesel. Complete list of signers: Lajos Alfoldi, Thomas Foxen Anderson, Werner Arber, Seymour Benzer, Hans Bremer, Paul Broda, Ron Calabrese, Melvin Cohn, Martha Constantine-Paton, Alain Jean Cozzone, Francis Crick, Yolanda Paje Cruz, Bernard D. Davis, Manny Delbruck, Pierluigi Donini, Walter Eckhart, Juan Andres Fernandez Hidalgo, Ernst Peter Fischer, Wolfgang Otto Friesen, Clarence Fuerst, Lidia Gleizer, Joel Clinton Glover, Robert Hall Haynes, Claire Hins (his older sister, who provides three childhood photos for the volume), Margery Hoogs, Rollin Hotchkiss and wife Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss, David Hunter Hubel, Francois Jacob, Niels Kaj Jerne (who adds "Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology" to his curriculum vitae, and a ten-page handwritten testimonial letter), Eva Kahn, Lotte Kaliski, Henry Kohn, Michael W. Konrad, Andrew P. Kramer, William B. Kristan Jr., Margaret Irene Law, Charles M. Lent, Nelson J. Leonard, Catherine Magill-Sole, Katerina Markopoulou, Hans Matzura, Betty McFall, John Graham Nicholls, Leslie E. Orgel, Carol A. Ort, Evelyn D. Parker, Margaret Seto-Poon, David Pratt, Dale Purves, Pasko Rakic, Werner Ernst Reichardt, Roy Sawyer, Marty Shankland, Franklin W. Stahl and wife Mary Stahl, Gunther Steinberg, Angela E. Stent, Ronald Stent, Duncan K. Stuart, Neville Symonds, Wesley Jay Thompson, Steven Torrence, William Treumann, David A. Weisblat, Gerald Wertheimer, Torsten N. Wiesel, Elie Leo Wollman, Barbara E. Wright, Myong G. Yoon, and Norton D. Zinder. Not bound into the book, but held in a folder laid in the rear, are items signed by Edward A. Adelberg, Benoit Mandelbrot, Lynn Margulis, Mark Ptashne, Elie A. Shneour, and Louis Siminovitch, plus some schedules for an event at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory honoring Dr. Stent. Includes an additional bound volume containing photocopies of many of these pages.

A bracket-bound typescript of "Manners for Science" by James D. Watson, copyright 2002, 364 pages, signed and inscribed on the title page in ballpoint by Watson, "For Gunther, from James."

A binder of drafts of Stent's articles and essays, including typed, annotated, and handwritten pages. Among the papers' titles are "Mind from Matter?," "Meaning in Art and Science," "Commencement Speech, June 15, 1980," "Science and Morality as Paradoxical Aspects of Reason," "Madrid Talk," "Boulder Lecture," "The Architecture of the Mind," "Stanford History of Science Talk, April 25, 1981," "Genes and Developmental Neurobiology," "Programmatic Phenomena, Hermeneutics and Neurobiology," and others.

An unsigned bracket-bound photostat typescript of "Honest Jim" by James D. Watson, copyright 1966; an unsigned bracket-bound typescript of "George Klein, the Way Out: A Family Tale," translated by Clas von Sydow, 314 pages, no date; and an unsigned bracket-bound typescript of "Paradoxes of Free Will" by Gunther S. Stent, 192 pages, published by the American Philosophical Society in 2002.

In overall very good to fine condition.

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