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Jim Irwin's Apollo 15 Bio-Harness Assembly

Bio-harness of the Apollo 15 LMP
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Bio-harness of the Apollo 15 LMP

Jim Irwin's bio-harness assembly, stipulated by his daughter as having been carried to the moon during the Apollo 15 mission, measuring 8″ x 10″ overall, which would have connected the sensors on Irwin's chest to the main communications harness of his space suit. The main extension is marked "Class III" above its part number, "Harness Assy., Bio, PN XXL…A7LB-109043-01, Cicoil Corp., 77…100-4, S/N 507," and the blue metal female plug is similarly engraved "Class III," with part number: "Assy 9262-2, SN-253, 770-113." The Beta cloth-covered electrical harness features three small metal female plugs (red, yellow, and black) that connected with the body sensors and a rectangular metal female plug that connected to the communications harness. This portion of the bio-harness would have served to connect each of the data collection devices to the spacecraft in order to transmit the health information of LMP Irwin back to Mission Control through the spacecraft communications system. In fine condition. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Irwin's daughter: "I hereby certify that this Bio Belt Data Harness was used by Jim Irwin during the flight of Apollo 15 and was from his collection." The bio-harness assembly was presumably downgraded to Class III post-flight.

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