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Orlan Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment

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Rare liquid cooling and ventilation garment designed to be worn underneath an Orlan EVA spacesuit, which consists of a series of plastic tubes that are interwoven into a lightweight nylon-knotted net suit, through which liquid is pumped to draw heat away from the cosmonaut’s body. The full suit measures approximately 67″ in length from hood to heel, with a pair of rubber cooling agent tubes extending from back section marked: “0650499” and “0750684.” Parts tag to interior of suit partially destroyed. In very good to fine condition, with various staining and toning, and slight disintegration to rubber tube ends.

Due to the absence of heat convection in space, body and space suit temperatures can build up to dangerous levels and can only be diminished slowly through thermal radiation. To fix this problem a cool liquid glycol mixture is pumped through a series of polyvinyl chloride tubes sewn into the garment. This liquid then warms up as it passes around the body through the tubes, drawing the heat away. The liquid is then cooled again through a heat exchanger unit in the life support assembly inside the backpack of the Orlan spacesuit, allowing the process to continually repeat and keep the wearer cool.

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  • Dates: April 09 - April 16