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NWA 11303 Lunar Meteorite Slice

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World-class Northwest Africa (NWA) 11303 lunar meteorite (feldspathic breccia) slice, with a giant inclusion, multiple clasts, and mottled black-and-white interior. The glorious full polished slice weighs 28.2 grams and measures approximately 97 mm x 96 mm x 2 mm. An exceptional and magnificently prepared visitor from the moon. Accompanied by a specimen identification card from Aerolite Meteorites.

Northwest Africa (NWA) 11303, an actual fragment of our own moon, is one of the most visually appealing lunar meteorites known to science. Laboratory-polished faces reveal a variegated wealth of clasts of varying sizes and colors, clearly demonstrating the brecciated nature of this lunar regolith. These elegant and meticulously-finished slices were prepared by one of the leading experts in the business—a preparator with such high standards that he built his own saw! And close examination will reveal something extremely unusual—metallic inclusions. The lab noted both the abundance of these nickel-iron flecks, which are not normally visible in lunar meteorites, along with the extreme hardness of the rock which, therefore, lends itself to an exceptional high polish.

Lunar meteorites often display a monotonous or homogeneous interior with a somewhat uniform color and texture, but the unusual brecciated, lively interior of NWA 11303 is fascinating to behold. A feldspathic breccia, its fragmented texture is partially the result of bombardment of the moon's surface by other meteorites, over an enormous span of time.

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