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Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite Slice Pendant

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Unique handmade jewelry by Sirocco Design, featuring progeny of the world's most famous crater. Arizona’s Meteor Crater is easily the most celebrated impact feature on Earth and a must-see for those interested in meteorites and the stamp they have left on our home planet. Approximately 50,000 years ago, a massive building-sized impactor punched through Earth’s atmosphere and slammed into modern-day Coconino County. The resulting catastrophic explosion formed the spectacular crater and annihilated most of the meteorite. Some of the extraterrestrial mass was scattered, shrapnel-like, over the surrounding plains (pieces have been found up to five miles from the crater); much was incinerated. Today, the crater is a protected site and meteorite hunting is not allowed, so old-collection pieces such as the centerpiece in this unique jewelry piece are prized by enthusiasts. The meteorite that formed the crater, Canyon Diablo, is named after a nearby terrestrial feature.

For this offering, noted silversmith and jewelry designer Lisa Morrison of Sirocco Design selected a fine etched slice of the famed Canyon Diablo iron and set it on a hand-forged sterling silver pendant which also features a contemplative moon visage and silver fireball. The pendant’s face is adorned with celestial markings (all hand-hammered by the artist) and it comes with a sterling silver chain. An exquisite and entirely unique cosmic work of art, blending terrestrial silver and extraterrestrial nickel-iron.

No stranger to working with space rocks, Ms. Morrison has designed exclusive jewelry lines for Aerolite Meteorites, is a longtime professional exhibitor at the Tucson gem and mineral shows, a successful meteorite hunter, and guest starred on an episode of the Science Channel’s 'Meteorite Men' television series.

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