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Northwest Africa (NWA) 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice “The Eclipse”

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Lunar meteorite, lunar highlands monomict gabbroic breccia, Northwest Africa, found 2007. Part slice, “The Eclipse," weighing 36.80 grams and measuring 57 mm x 42 mm x 8 mm. Adam Hupé, the original owner of the main mass of this meteorite, remarked that he observed a lunar eclipse on the evening of February 20th 2008 from Titlow Beach, Washington, through the two naturally occurring holes in this specimen, hence its name, "The Eclipse." This slice has an outside surface with rare translucent fusion crust (the four edges and one surface are polished leaving the second surface unfinished). Accompanied by a metal identification tag, a color identification card, portfolio, custom fitted Pelican case for added safety and security and a certificate of authenticity and other paperwork from the Von Hupé Planetary Collection. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in human history the Moon has been viewed through a piece of the Moon from Planet Earth, and this piece comes with a sworn affidavit stating such. Hupé was also the first to view a solar eclipse through a piece of the Moon the morning of August 21st, 2017.

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