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Apollo Program Gas Analysis Sample Container

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Apollo Gas Analysis Sample Container (GASC), measuring 3.75″ tall and 1.5″ in diameter, with a 4″ long bar on the threaded lid, used to tighten and seal the cover. The container is marked on the side, "DM-40020-01, S/N TR-10," and bears a red "Class III, Not for Flight" label. The white teflon seal-protector tabs are marked "DM-44504, G.L.P. 111" and "DM-42453, G.S.P. 116," and designed for easy removal by the astronaut before closure. In very good to fine condition.

The GASC, a small and reliable container, was intended to hold a small sample of lunar soil and atmospheric gas for later analysis, isolating them from contamination during the journey back to Earth. Upon return to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, the thin-walled container would be punctured and the contents analyzed to determine chemical composition. Gas Analysis Sample Containers were taken on the Apollo 11, Apollo 12, and Apollo 13 missions: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ran out of time to use theirs, and left it behind on the lunar surface; astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean utilized a GASC while sampling the lunar surface at Sharp Crater during their second EVA during Apollo 12; and the GASC carried on Apollo 13 was among the hardware lost in the aborted mission. A truly rare and spectacular piece of Apollo history.

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