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Tom Stafford's Flown Apollo 10 Snoopy Pin

"The fastest Snoopy flown in Space"
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"The fastest Snoopy flown in Space"

Tom Stafford’s flown sterling ‘Silver Snoopy’ lapel pin, carried into lunar orbit aboard Command Module Charlie Brown during the Apollo 10 mission. The pin measures approximately .5″ tall and is marked on the reverse with a lowercase “r,” stamped “Sterling,” and has raised text, “United Features Syndicate,” underneath the pin. Retains its original clutch back. In fine condition.

Accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from Stafford, in part: “This is to certify that the accompanying Apollo X Snoopy Pin was carried by me about the Command Module ‘Charlie Brown’ in orbit around the Moon and is the fastest Snoopy flown in Space. This Snoopy pin was carried by me to the Moon in May of 1969 as part of my personal preference kit…The Apollo X (10) spacecraft was launched from Cape Kennedy [and]…was the 1st flight of lunar module (LM-4) to the Moon. Once at the Moon, Gene Cernan and I descended in the Lunar Module ‘Snoopy’ to an altitude of less than 47,000 feet above the Moon. At this altitude, we were able to reconnoiter the proposed Apollo 11 landing site. The LM then completed the 1st successful rendezvous in lunar orbit with John Young in the command module, ‘Charlie Brown.’

During our return to Earth after our successful completion of the tasks required to prove that Apollo 11 could land on the lunar surface, we fired our Service Propulsion System…engine on ‘Charlie Brown’ longer than necessary to attain enough speed to test the safety margins of the command module heatshield. The longer SPS firing propelled our spacecraft to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere at 24,791 mph, faster than any other manned spacecraft. A speed record that stands to this day…This Snoopy pin is the fastest of any objects flown on any other lunar missions [and]…really blazed a trail to the Moon and back.”

From the personal collection of General Thomas P. Stafford; proceeds to benefit the Stafford Air and Space Museum (SASM) Foundation expansion fund. The hammer price, minus the auction estimate, is considered a tax deductible donation to the SASM; winning bidder should contact the SASM for a donation letter.

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