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Dee Dee Ramone Handwritten Manuscript

Handwritten pages from Dee Dee's memoir
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Handwritten pages from Dee Dee's memoir

Two handwritten pages from Dee Dee Ramone's manuscript for his 2003 autobiography, Legend of a Rock Star: A Memoir: The Last Testament of Dee Dee Ramone, 8.25 x 11.75, numbered "190" and "193" at the top. The first page derives from the end of Chapter 25 (pages 131-132), and describes a fight at a show, beginning: "So we were forced to go and try again to play. Of course it was worse. The big fat skin was spoiling for a fight. He kept running at Chris and then me, threatening us and flipping us the bird, and then retreating to a corner of the club to gather with his mates who seemed to obviously agree with each other that we needed to be taught a lesson." The second page, from the beginning of Chapter 26 (page 134), discusses the Atlantik Club and their stop in Freiburg, Germany, in part: "It wasn't perfect to say the least. Even tho the owner of the Atlantik is a friend we didn't get the royal homecoming treatment. The Sport Park Hotel where he booked us sucked…When I entered my hotel room and saw where I would be spending the night I became incensed and since a glass ashtray was the first thing within my reach I picked it up and threw it as hard as I could against the wall sending glass all over the place." In fine condition, with oval ink stains to upper corners.

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