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Sericho Pallasite Meteorite Slice

Stunning large slice of the Sericho pallasite, recovered recently in Kenya
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Stunning large slice of the Sericho pallasite, recovered recently in Kenya

Amazing large Sericho pallasite meteorite (Kenya) slice, featuring a large quantity of olivine crystals accounting for about 70% of the area of the cut face, with an attractive color palette ranging from light green to jade green, orange, and brown. The full polished slice weighs 2,369 grams and measures approximately 385 mm x 310 mm x 6 mm. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Geoff Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites Inc. and the TV show Meteorite Men, as well as a specimen identification card.

Few things create as much excitement in the meteorite world as the discovery of a new pallasite—a stony-iron type of meteorite abundant in attractive olivine crystals (also known as extraterrestrial peridot). The Sericho pallasite (sometimes unofficially called Habaswein), found quite recently in Kenya is just such a discovery. Numerous masses of varying size and widely varying degrees of weathering have been recovered. This example comes directly from Kenya and shows minimal weathering: in fact, the exterior of the very large mass from which this 2,369-gram slice was taken shows virtually no weathering at all, as indicated by the green crystals present. This slice was taken from the center of the largest mass owned by Aerolite Meteorites and is their largest-available slice. It is also right at the maximum cutting dimension of their biggest saw, so they do not expect to ever be able to offer a larger one. This is likely the largest and best pallasite slice currently available for sale anywhere in the world.

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