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Apollo 15 LM Simulator Training S-Band Antenna Angles Descent Cue Card

LM simulator-used S-Band Antenna Angles Descent card
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LM simulator-used S-Band Antenna Angles Descent card

S-Band Antenna Angles Descent cue card used in lunar module simulator training for the Apollo 15 mission, 2.25 x 7.5, dated May 10, 1971. The card lists antenna angles and other values that indicate the required orientation of the directional Unified LM S-Band High Gain Antenna (relative to the onboard inertial platform) necessary to maintain signal lock during LM descent to the lunar surface. Reverse bears two affixed blue Velcro swatches. In fine condition. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC.

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