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Apollo 14 LM Lunar Surface Liftoff Navigation Training Star Charts

Training-used star charts for the Apollo 14 lunar liftoff
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Training-used star charts for the Apollo 14 lunar liftoff

Desirable pair of rotating circular Star Charts used for Lunar Surface Liftoff Navigation Training during the Apollo 14 mission. Both star charts measure 8.25″ in diameter and were used to align the Alignment Optical Telescope in the lunar module simulator during Apollo 14 crew training. The charts consist of two thin plastic discs rotatable around a central rivet, with the bottom disc showing the earth, sun, planets, and star patterns against a black background with all of the major stars visible within the hemisphere above the lunar module; the top disc is a semi-transparent overlay depicting six overlapping circles, each of which represents a 60-degree field of view. Both of these star charts were used to determine the proper orientation of the LM while on the lunar surface as part of the lunar surface pre-launch preparation procedures. Printed at the bottom of the first star chart, between the 240 degree and 270 degree mark, “LM TD+2 HR Jan. 31, 1971 Launch,” with the date referring to the launch of the Apollo 14 mission, and “LM TD+2” meaning that the chart had its highest accuracy within two hours of lunar touchdown; this chart was designed to be used in the event of an emergency abort liftoff immediately after LM lunar landing. The second star chart was used for LM lunar liftoff after the completed lunar surface mission, and is printed at the bottom: “LM Pre-Liftoff Jan. 31, 1971 Launch.” In overall fine condition. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC.

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