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Apollo 14 Training Lunar Orbit Star Chart

Amazing Apollo 14 training star chart, with names of Apollo 1 astronauts
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Amazing Apollo 14 training star chart, with names of Apollo 1 astronauts

Lunar orbit star chart used in training by the crew of Apollo 14. The plastic film chart measures 16 x 8 and uses color to differentiate the planets from the star field. Specific stars used for Apollo navigation are circled, named, and numbered with a two digit numerical code. The constellations are heavily outlined and there are no background star fields to confuse the crew in locating the stars within the constellations. This is an exact duplicate of the Apollo 14 star chart used for navigation during all flight phases of the lunar module, especially for aborts and rendezvous; the identification of specific stars was of special significance for the Lunar Module during return from the moon’s surface and rendezvous with the Command Service Module. Of particular interest to this training chart is the presence of three very special stars, which are related to the ill-fated crew of Apollo 1. Commander Gus Grissom was involved with the early planning and production of the Apollo star charts, and when they were deciding on which stars to number and name, he made up names for three of the fainter stars, each related to himself and his fellow Apollo 1 crew-members. Star number 3 was called “Navi,” which is Grissom's middle name Ivan spelled backwards; star number 17 was named “Regor” which is Roger (Chaffee) spelled backwards; and star number 20 was “Dnoces” which is second (Ed White II) spelled backwards. After the tragic deaths of the Apollo 1 crew, NASA decided to leave these names on future mission charts as a tribute. In fine condition, with central horizontal fold. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC.

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