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RL-10 Rocket Engine

RL-10 rocket engine—the type that powered the Saturn IV
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RL-10 rocket engine—the type that powered the Saturn IV

An impressive example of the RL-10 rocket engine, the world's first liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen rocket engine, developed by Pratt & Whitney in 1959 and first flown in 1961. The engine, measuring approximately 68″ tall with a nozzle diameter of 39″, retains its original blue Pratt & Whitney Aircraft tag, reading: “Engine, Rocket, Liquid Propellant.” The RL-10 was used to propel the upper state of the Saturn I launch vehicle (Saturn IV) and subsequently saw service on the Delta and Atlas Program rockets. It remains in use to this day in an updated configuration onboard the Centaur upper stage. The engine produces 15,000 pounds of thrust and consists of a thrust chamber, propellant injector, turbopump assembly, many valves, solenoids, and 360 tapered long/short tubes integrated into the nozzle for regenerative cooling.

In addition to the Saturn I launch vehicle/Project Apollo application, examples of other missions which have leveraged the impressive capability of the RL10 include: interplanetary voyages to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as part of the Pioneer, Mariner, Surveyor Lunar Lander, Viking and Cassini programs.

The engine has an estimated weight of 300 pounds. It includes a custom made dolly which permits a single individual to move/rotate the artifact based on personal preference.

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