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PLSS Oxygen Hose Connector Cover Preliminary Prototype

Prototype for a PLSS connector's 'thermal bootie'
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Prototype for a PLSS connector's 'thermal bootie'

Preliminary prototype of a PLSS oxygen connector cover, measuring approximately 6 x 1.5 x 3, constructed of a Beta cloth shell with a snap-closure strap. In fine condition. This 'thermal bootie' was designed to prevent moisture from condensing on the inside of the PLSS gas connectors. Without the 'booties,' moisture could accumulate in the PLSS ventilation (oxygen) loop and cause fan performance to degrade, lowering the oxygen flow to the astronaut. When used during EVA training, this prototype cover consistently became dislodged, leading to a change in the final design. Accompanied by two vintage color 10 x 8 NASA photos of these oxygen connector covers in their final form (sewn to the oxygen hose sheaths, rather than secured with a snap), a 14.5 x 20.5 framed informational display about the piece, and an informational packet assembled by Dan Schaiewitz. A fantastic, well-documented piece of space suit material that would be critical for a successful EVA. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC. View Dan's many Collect Space posts here. Engineer Dan Schaiewitz gives us a fascinating firsthand glimpse into his experiences on the cutting edge of space exploration during the Apollo missions, in this podcast.

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