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Apollo 11 LMP Wrist Checklist Crew Training Prototype

Aldrin's training-used EVA wrist checklist prototype
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Aldrin's training-used EVA wrist checklist prototype

Remarkable training-used prototype of a lunar EVA wrist checklist developed for the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot, used by Buzz Aldrin during training exercises. The checklist measures approximately 5 x 5.5 and has two elastic bands attached to the back. It lists the tasks to be performed by the LMP during the EVA, with those to be performed by the CDR (in this case, Neil Armstrong) listed in parentheses. In very good condition, with toning, wear, small edge tears, and one elastic band cut in the center. Accompanied by a detailed informational packet compiled by Dan Schaiewitz, which includes an image of Aldrin wearing this prototype checklist during training; also includes a 14 x 17 framed informational display.

Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC, describes the creation of the checklist: "The idea for a 'wrist checklist' was initiated by Astronaut Armstrong during one of the early EVA Crew Training Exercises when he suggested that there should be a written task reminder or as we might refer to today as an 'Action Item List.' The task reminder evolved into a checklist that could be secured to the astronaut's EVA glove and was logically named a 'wrist checklist'…After noticing that the wrist checklists did not remain in the installed position, i.e. it rotated, it was decided to permanently sew the words of the checklist to the astronaut gloves." As subsequent missions required more tasks to be performed during longer EVAs, the concept of the 'wrist checklist' was renewed and astronauts were given multi-page wrist checklists with thick tabs that allowed them to turn the pages even while wearing their gloves. This early prototype, used by Buzz Aldrin while training to become the second man to set foot on the moon, is an extraordinary relic of tremendous significance. From the collection of Dan Schaiewitz, who worked as Extravehicular Crew Training Engineer at KSC. View Dan's many Collect Space posts here. Engineer Dan Schaiewitz gives us a fascinating firsthand glimpse into his experiences on the cutting edge of space exploration during the Apollo missions, in this podcast.

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