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J2 Turbo Pump

Amazing pre-Apollo J-2 fuel turbopump
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Amazing pre-Apollo J-2 fuel turbopump

Rocketdyne J-2 Fuel Turbopump Assembly used on the Saturn IB and Saturn V launch vehicles. The assembly approximately measures 31 x 31 x 20.5, and features its original rubber Rocketdyne protective cover, “Install 2 Units, Desiccant Each Side, RX-20714,” clear plastic hexagonal desiccant container, and pair of “Do Not Destroy” labels. Turbopump side bears an affixed metal parts label: “Rocket Engine Component, Turbopump Assy Fuel, Contract No. 9015, Part No. 460160-51, Serial No. 4078255 CAL1516, Model No. J-2.” Underside of upper section bears two stamp-dated part numbers: “457441-23, F 0279 11-10-64” and “457441-21, F 1159 2-5-65.” Extending “Igniter A” topped with control valve, “RT NO 308040, SP, ER NO 4082827,” with lower portion featuring numerous vent plugs for “Igniter,” “Oxy Valve,” and “60-S,” and engraved with part number: “308360 13, SN 8805463, 308360 11, SN 4090405, 02602, 43999, 11-APR-67, MR197578.” Assembly features yellow identification spray paint and several original Rocketdyne protective plugs. In fine condition, with expected wear from use.

Mounted on the engine’s thrust chamber, the high-speed fuel turbopump was associated with the liquid hydrogen propellant feed system. As a turbine-driven, axial flow-pumping unit, theJ-2 assembly boosted pressure of the propellant so that it could be fed into the injector/thrust chamber at the correct rate for combustion. This was one of two on each J-2, the second of which was connected with the oxidizer side, the liquid oxygen feed system. Rocketdyne won approval to develop the J-2 in June 1960, and, nearly six years later on February 26, 1966, the engine made its dramatic debut with the launch of AS-201, the first unmanned test flight of an entire production Block I Apollo Command/Service Module and the Saturn IB launch vehicle. A significant piece of rocketry hardware dating to the very beginnings of the Apollo moon-landing program. Due to the size and/or weight of this item, this piece will need to be crated and shipped by a third party freight company.  Please contact Bobby Eaton at RR Auction for additional information.

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