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Space Shuttle Spacelab Experiment Module Stowage Locker

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Space Shuttle Spacelab experiment module stowage locker, 19 x 29 x 25.25, with sturdy alloy metal frame and upward opening door with metal labels to top and bottom, "Upper Storage Test Cell #1 (SN 202)" and "Lower Storage Calibration Cell." Door also bears instructions and two stamped part numbers: "Storage Enclosure Assy. 96M15481-1, S/N 001." Inside of locker door features two metallic "Caution" labels instructing to "verify ball foot engagement." The locker includes the sophisticated module holding system and the module frames themselves, and a tool to lock the module frames in place is included. The printing on the door is in two directions so it could be read irrespective of whether the astronaut was on the Spacelab 'floor' or 'ceiling.' In fine condition. Accompanied by two parts tags, dated "May 12 '92" and "May 13 '92," both stamped "DEINTEG," "FLIGHT," and "IML-1," and circled "Hold" under the process field for "DISPO/REINSP." Also accompanied by a copy of a MSFC-Form 312, with part numbers lightly filled, inspection stamps, and dated, "5, 21, 92," and a copy of a structural chart for the locker. Although the paperwork is stamped “FLIGHT," it remains possible that this could also mean 'flight ready,' although the the presence of the "IML-1" stamps suggests to the former status. Flown aboard STS-42, the First International Microgravity Mission (IML-1) was the first in a series of missions with payloads dedicated to life science and microgravity science research. The primary objective of IML-1 was to conduct science and technology investigations that required the low-gravity environment of space, with emphasis on experiments that studied the effects of microgravity on materials and processes and living organisms. More than 200 scientists from 16 countries participated in the investigations.

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