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The Faye Shehdan Lifetime Collection

Immense collection numbering into the thousands, from Ronald Reagan and Moe Howard to Joe DiMaggio and Grace Kelly
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Immense collection numbering into the thousands, from Ronald Reagan and Moe Howard to Joe DiMaggio and Grace Kelly

Mrs. Faye T. Shehdan (1921–2008) began collecting autographs in 1974 and spent the next 30 years pursuing and corresponding with a vast assortment of famous figures, sending out thousands upon thousands of handwritten requests to these celebrities. Her mailbox brought the world to her doorstep and her passion gave her great joy. Here offered is Mrs. Shehdan's gigantic collection of 6,000–8,000 items, consisting predominantly of signed photos, letters, and signed index cards but also including some books, checks, magazines, and posters. Most signatures were obtained through the mail, and upon receipt Mrs. Shehdan painstakingly organized them in bins by category and, within category, alphabetically by name. Categories include: foreign dignitaries, politics, military, country, western, movies, TV, singers, astronauts, sports, and more. A selection of the signers is as follows.

Presidents and First Ladies: Richard Nixon (signature and TLS); Ronald Reagan (SP); Nancy Reagan (1 signature and 1 SP); Gerald and Betty Ford (SP); George Bush (SP).

Notables: King Hussein (SP, plus one card signed with Queen Noor); Coretta Scott King (SP); Mother Teresa (3 signatures and 2 signed magazine photos); Jacques Cousteau (SP); Julia Child (2 signatures); Edward Teller (SP and signature); Anwar Sadat (2 SPs); Billy Graham (2 programs, one also signed by Lewis Addison Drummond); Yousef Karsh (3 SPs); Golda Meir (SP); Colonel Sanders (2 SPs); Rosa Parks (4 signatures, 1 ANS, and 5 newspaper clippings); Yasser Arafat (2 signatures and 1 SP); Menachim Begin (5 SPs).

Military: James H. Doolittle (3 signatures, 5 SPs, 3 Christmas cards, 2 magazine pages, and 1 booklet); Pappy Boyington (SP, 2 signatures and 1 newspaper photo); Omar Bradley (SP).

Space: Sally Ride (4 signatures, 1 SP, and an unsigned program); Ron McNair (2 SPs); Charles Conrad (SP); Charlie Duke (4 signatures, 3 pamphlets, and 1 magazine page); Jim Irwin (SP); Donn Eisele (SP); Michael Collins (signature); Buzz Aldrin (4 signatures and 1 SP); Harrison Schmitt (SP); Dick Scobee (SP); Dave Scott (SP); Deke Slayton (2 SPs); Ellison Onizuka (2 signatures and 1 SP); Judy Resnik (SP).

Art and Literature: Dr. Seuss (6 newspaper clippings/photos, 3 bookmarks, 4 ANSs, 3 SPs, and 7 signatures); Charles Schultz (Peanuts map and signature); Mel Blanc (6 SPs [most magazine photos] and 2 signatures); Allen Ginsberg (signature with sketch); Stephen King (signature).

Music: Harry Chapin (SP); Marty Robbins (9 SPs—some magazine photos); Johnny Cash (4 SPs and one printed poem also signed by June Carter Cash); Aaron Copeland (2 signatures and 3 SPs—two magazine photos); Luciano Pavarotti (3 SPs); Leonard Bernstein (SP).

Entertainment: Moe Howard (check); Fred Astaire (12 SPs—some magazine photos—and two signatures); Bing Crosby (3 SPs); Marlene Dietrich (10 SPs—some magazine photos—and 2 signatures); Groucho Marx (SP); Paul Newman (signature and 2 signed magazine photos); James Cagney (14 signed magazine photos, 1 postcard, 1 signature, and 2 SPs); John Candy (SP); Frank Capra (SP, 8 signatures and 1 signed magazine photo); Art Carney (4 signatures and 1 SP); Dick Clark (SP); Yul Brenner (5 SPs); Ray Bolger (2 signatures, and 1 SP); Mae West (11 SPs—some magazine photos—and one signature); Orson Welles (2 magazine photos); Katharine Hepburn (6 TLSs); Robert Redford (3 SPs); Gilda Radner (SP); George C. Scott (SP); Jim Henson (2 SPs); Jay Silverheels (signature); Vincent Price (3 SPs and 5 signatures); Buster Crabbe (SP); Emmett Kelly, Sr. (SP); Peter Sellers (SP); Grace Kelly (SP).

Sports: Muhammad Ali (1 card with six signatures, 2 ALSs , 2 signatures, and 1 AQS, many with additional smiley face drawings); Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant (2 SPs); Joe DiMaggio (2 signatures , 1 SP, and 3 newspaper photos); Roger Maris (2 signatures); Walter Payton (signature and SP); Pele (2 SPs, 2 signatures, and 1 TLS); Herb Brooks (SP).

Collection rates in overall very good to fine condition. A few secretarial and/or printed signatures may be included as there are thousands of signed items. Due to the enormity of the collection please be advised that extra shipping charges will apply. The sheer overwhelming volume of items precludes a list, and interested parties are strongly advised to view the collection in person at our offices, as this collection is sold as is, and no returns will be accepted. Large collections such as this are seldom offered as a whole, and there are certainly still many discoveries that lie within. RR Auction COA.

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