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Jim Irwin

Flown CCEM worn throughout the mission, including 18 hours walking on the moon
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Flown CCEM worn throughout the mission, including 18 hours walking on the moon

Jim Irwin’s Communication Carrier Electronic Module (CCEM), part no. 16495G-02, serial number 257, manufactured by the David Clark Company, and worn by Jim Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission, including on the lunar surface. This module is the hardware component of the Communications Carrier Assembly, more commonly known as the ‘Snoopy Cap.’ It consists of earphones and microphones for both the right side and the left side. The two sides are joined with a 10.5? wiring harness. In addition the right side has a wiring harness with a connector at the end for connecting to the spacecraft umbilical cable. The electronics for the earphones and microphones are contained within blue molded rubber enclosures, with molded recesses for the earphones. These rubber enclosures would be held in place over the astronaut's ears while wearing the ‘Snoopy Cap’. The wire harnesses are covered with Teflon fabric, which is the same fabric used for the ‘Snoopy Cap.’ In fine condition, with the right earphone having been cut for a repair and then resealed. The module comes with its plastic storage bag, with a JSC Projects Parts tag stapled to the outside, dated March 6, 1996. Four other labels are affixed to the bag including a NASA Cleaned For Service tag dated March 9, 1995 (to prepare the module for long-term storage), and a Boeing FEPC Form 1106.

This particular lunar-worn item has taken a unique and interesting path from the lunar surface until now. First worn by Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission, including on the lunar surface during his three moonwalks. Shortly after his return to earth, his entire Communications Carrier Assembly (CCA) was inventoried and placed into NASA bonded storage. After receiving an internal request, NASA reissued this CCA in support of the Skylab to be used during astronaut training. At this point, an Apollo Spacecraft Hardware Utilization Request (ASHUR), dated August 12, 1971, was issued authorizing transfer and downgrading the unit from a Class I flight article to Class II. The form shows Irwin's headset overall part and serial number, “16536G-04 S/N 257”; while each individual part carried its own serial number as well. The document states, “These units are to be assigned as flight crew training units as required for remaining Apollo missions and Skylab missions…Upon completion of crew system training requirements, these communication carriers will be returned to MSC bonded storage for disposition as artifacts.” A number of years later, NASA decided the assembly was no longer needed and released it to GSA auctions for disposal as an artifact. Accompanying the module are copies of the ASHUR tag (the original being housed in the National Archives), as well as a copy of the 2010 receipt for the lot sold by GSA. Arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment necessary for space travel and EVAs, this particular piece is believed to be the first such complete module to become available for sale, and is sure to be a centerpiece of any space collection. RR Auction COA.

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