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Lunar Module Translation Control Assembly

Super rare TTCA, the first ever offered at auction
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Super rare TTCA, the first ever offered at auction

Incredibly rare Lunar Module Translation Control Assembly. Assembly measures 7.75 x 8 x 5, and bears a Grumman Aircraft Eng. Corp label on the top, listing “Part No. LDW300-21800-3; Ser. No. 016; Model: LEM; Date: 1966.” Assembly consists of a T-handle hand controller, an external “Friction” knob which controlled the drag on the T-handle, and a vertical lever to select between “Throttle,” or “Jets.” Unit is unflown.

The Thrust Translation Control Assembly (TTCA) was used by the Apollo astronauts to control translation of the Lunar Module in any axis during missions to and from the lunar surface. Two TTCAs, each made for left-handed control, provided the LM astronauts with the capability to gently guide the LM on each axis and also provided a manual throttle mode to provide varying thrusts of the descent engine. A soft stop is designed at 53 degree deflection of the throttle handle, which allowed for command of 0-53 percent thrust of the descent engine when fine control was required during landing maneuvers. Beyond the soft stop were 10 degree of handle deflection for controlling 53-100 percent of descent-engine thrust. The importance of this controller cannot be over-emphasized. It was this control that enabled all the Apollo lunar landings to be successful, as the necessity for manual control in the final stages of landing were crucial. In the very first moon landing, Neil Armstrong was forced to take manual control of the LM when it was headed for a boulder-strewn area. With the important help of Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong was able to land the LM safely with less than 30 seconds of fuel available. All research indicates that there has never been another TTCA offered for sale at auction. RR Auction COA.

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