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Group of six items, including five ALSs by P. T. Barnum and one check signed by John Ringling, chronicling the business dealings of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’ Includes: ALS signed “P. T. Barnum,” one page, Waldemere letterhead, April 23, 1877. In part: “I hope you will see the monkey mother & her infant 5 weeks old in my menagerie 27th St. She is a pattern fo…

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American businessman (1855-1932) who invented a best-selling version of the safety razor and is widely credited with inventing the so-called razor and blades business model. Rare original vintage fountain pen sketch of the Gillette razor logo accomplished by company founder King Gillette on an off-white 4.75 x 2.25 slip, signed below, "King C. Gillette, Vienna, May 18th/27." In fine condition.

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ALS signed "Howard," three pages, lightly-lined, 8.5 x 13.25, date penned in another hand, "5/16-2:15 P.M." Letter to his assistant, confidant, and former FBI agent, Robert "Bob" Maheu, in full: "Please tell me the details of the closing of the purchase of the Stardust Drive-In theater and the so-called 'pie shaped piece of land.' The only reason I ask for this is because, in the maps tha…

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Four hardcover books signed by notable businessmen, including: Ted Turner (Easton Press edition of Call Me Ted, numbered 535/1125); Robert Mondavi (Easton Press edition of Seasons of the Vineyard, numbered 1074/3500); Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg, inscribed); and Thomas J. Watson, Jr. (Father, Son & Co., inscribed). In overall fine condition.

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Two personal checks, 8 x 4, each filled out in another hand and signed by Getty, "J. Paul Getty," dated 1966-67. One is made out to the National Children's Home for £5, and the other is made out to the Church of England Children's Society for £20. In overall fine condition, with small cancelation notations to the signatures. A desirable pairing of charitable contributions from…

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Financier (1836-1892) known for his stock market manipulation of railroad securities; he also tried to corner the gold market, leading to the 'Black Friday' stock market crash of September 1869. Partly-printed DS, one page, 9.25 x 6, February 2, 1889. Union Depot Grounds receipt certifying that "Jay Gould has furnished cash to the amount of One Thousand Dollars to purchase and improve the …

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French perfumer (1834-1910). Untranslated ALS in French, signed “Guerlain Aime,” one page, 5.25 x 8.25, Guerlain, Parfumeur letterhead, March 12, 1889. In fine condition.

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Vintage matte-finish 11.25 x 16.5 Bachrach photo of Mellon in a distinguished pose, signed and inscribed in fountain pen, "To Edward E. Jones, with best wishes of A. W. Mellon.” Framed under premium UV protected anti-glare glass to an overall size of 12.5 x 17.5. In fine condition.

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American railroad executive (1813-1888) and the son of a founding father of the United States, Gouverneur Morris. Manuscript DS, one page, 8 x 13, May 11, 1858. Document regarding a transferal of mortgage, in part: "I do hereby certify that a certain Mortgageā€¦made and executed by John H. Graham of the United States Navy and Cornelia his wife to me and recorded in the office of the register of the …

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Retail magnate (1858-1947) who founded the London-based department store Selfridges, becoming one of the most respected and wealthy businessmen in the United Kingdom. Mr. Selfridge, a successful period television drama based on his life, began airing in the UK and US in 2013. AQS on a beige 3.25 x 4 album page, signed and dated below, "H. Gordon Selfridge, Eagle Hut, Mch 25-1919." The quote reads:…

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American businessman and philanthropist (1843-1899) who succeeded his father and grandfather as head of the New York Central Railroad. New York & New Haven Rail Road Company business check, 8 x 2.75, filled out and signed by the company's treasurer, payable to R. M. Fake for $12,889.36, May 8, 1867, endorsed on the reverse by Vanderbilt, "C. Vanderbilt, Jr., Treas." In fine condition, with…

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