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Olympic Memorabilia

Auction Closed July 20, 2023 (Auction Details)
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- RR Auction's semi-annual Olympic sale brings nearly 400 lots to the auction block in the summer of 2023! Practically every Olympiad is represented in the auction—from the first Modern Games in 1896 to the recent Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. With a plethora of winner's medals, relay torches, pins, badges, and rare ephemera up for bidding, the wide variety of material will impress collectors old and new. Among the highlights are a super rare Grenoble 1968 Winter Olympics relay torch; gold medals from Los Angeles 1932, Munich 1972, Lake Placid 1980, Seoul 1988, Athens 2004, and more; an incredible IOC 'Chain of Honour' issued for the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics; and an extraordinary selection of tickets, souvenirs, and other pieces of important Olympic memorabilia.

This is a timed auction.

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