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Space Exploration and Aviation

Auction Closed April 20, 2023 (Auction Details)
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- Filled with flown material, astronaut autographs, and significant space watches, RR Auction's Spring Space Exploration sale has 'the right stuff' for every space collector. The auction opens with an unprecedented selection of rare 18K gold Omega chronographs presented to the pioneering astronauts of the 1960s, plus later flown watches and affiliated horological materials. Another key piece offered for sale is Gene Cernan's Apollo 17 EVA-1 cuff checklist, smeared in moon dust from its use for seven hours in the lunar environment. Further remarkable items include Apollo spacecraft hardware—such as a DSKY computer interface and a Lunar Module hatch—a multitude of flown checklist pages, flags, and Robbins medallions from the collections of astronauts, and a stunning assortment of meteorites.

This is a timed auction.

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