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Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution

Auction Closed March 16, 2023 (Auction Details)
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- Another installment in our popular technology auction series, RR's March sale brings dozens of important Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, and computer history items to the bidding block. The auction is led by a significant, fully functional Apple-1 Computer, originally used as a demo unit in one of the first PC shops in the country and later signed by Steve Wozniak. Other important computers featured are a rare Apple Lisa 1 presented to Del Yocam, a TRS-80 Model 100 used by Bill Gates, a Macintosh 128K prototype, and a MITS Altair 8800. Several great Steve Jobs autographs are also offered, including an ultra-early 1976 Apple Computer check, an incredible Steve Jobs-signed Applesoft ROM chip, and unprecedented circa 1971 technical notes in Jobs' hand.

This is a timed auction.

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