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Ft. Art and Literature - RR Auction''s June Fine Autographs and Artifacts sale brings almost 900 lots to the auction block, featuring robust art and literature sections with autographs from icons like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Herman Melville, J. R. R. Tolkien, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. Other top offerings include an exceedingly rare signed pair of Air Jordan 1 ''Player Sample'' Sneakers, Albert Einstein''s remarkable musings on the meaning of life, a supremely rare set of oversized Wizard of Oz portraits inscribed to the producer''s assistant, and a selection of excellent John F. Kennedy material. RR Auction is a globally recognized and trusted auction house specializing in historical autographs and artifacts. Join us as we make history selling history in June 2021

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TLS signed “Martin L. King, Jr.,” one page, 8.5 x 11, Southern Christian Leadership Conference letterhead, January 14, 1966. Letter to Irmina H. Santaballa, in full: "I was sorry to learn of the plight of your relative, Senor Gregorio Pedro Garcia Y Garcia, in his incarceration in a Cuban prison, especially in light of his indicated poor health. I feel my capacity to assist him is…

Sold For: $6,250 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Page 23 from the original typescript of Alex Haley’s 1963 interview of Malcolm X for Playboy magazine, one onionskin page, 8 x 10.75, signed "Malcolm X" in the bottom margin (with a marginal line indicating his approval of the contents). In full: “But I don’t want to use up all the time talking about the Jew calling the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s followers anti-S…

Sold For: $9,625 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Wonderful color semi-glossy 11.25 x 16.25 portrait of the revered South African president, signed and inscribed in silver ink, "To Priscilla Jana, Best wishes to a highly competent & impressive public figure. N. Mandela, 5. 12. 96." In fine condition, with light scattered creasing. This photo was a birthday gift to Mandela's lawyer, Priscilla Jana, his esteemed council who repres…

Sold For: $1,763 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Commemorative cover with a cachet honoring the inauguration of Nelson Mandela on May 10, 1994, signed in black ballpoint, "N. Mandela, 7-10-2000." In fine condition.

Sold For: $2,523 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Three publications dealing with enslavement and progress of African-American people in the United States, including: a 55-page pamphlet entitled "The Patriarchal Institution, as described by Members of Its Own Family" by Lydia Maria Child, published in New York in 1860 as a Republican campaign document directly attacking the institution of slavery; a 32-page pamphlet entitled "The N…

Sold For: $275 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Collection of important slavery-related ephemera from the 18th and 19th centuries, including: 1. Two pages from the "Acts and Laws" of the State of Connecticut, printed in New London in 1784 by Timothy Green, with "an Act concerning Indian, Molatto, and Negro Servants, and Slaves," declaring "Free Negroes not to Travel without a Pass" and that "Slaves set Free …

Sold For: $446 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Temperance agitator (1846-1911) known for smashing saloons with a hatchet. ALS in pencil, signed “C. N.,” one page on the reverse of a color 5.5 x 3.5 postcard of the Public School in Okemah, Oklahoma, September 28, 1908. Letter to Belle Gillham, in full (spelling and grammar retained): "How are you all this a.m. we Stayed over Sun—here, will leave hear for 'Paden' t…

Sold For: $250 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details