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Ft. Art and Literature - RR Auction''s June Fine Autographs and Artifacts sale brings almost 900 lots to the auction block, featuring robust art and literature sections with autographs from icons like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Herman Melville, J. R. R. Tolkien, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. Other top offerings include an exceedingly rare signed pair of Air Jordan 1 ''Player Sample'' Sneakers, Albert Einstein''s remarkable musings on the meaning of life, a supremely rare set of oversized Wizard of Oz portraits inscribed to the producer''s assistant, and a selection of excellent John F. Kennedy material. RR Auction is a globally recognized and trusted auction house specializing in historical autographs and artifacts. Join us as we make history selling history in June 2021

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Hand-addressed air mail envelope, 6.25 x 4.25, addressed by Oswald to his brother Robert, "U.S.A., Fort Worth, Texas, 7313 Davenport St., R. Oswald," adding his "U.S.S.R., Minsk" return address and name in Russian, "A. Oswald," at the bottom. Annotated along the edge with the date of May 5, 1961. In fine condition. Accompanied by a color copy of the letter this envelo…

Sold For: $8,319 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

American man (born 1955) who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981, with the hope of seeking fame in order to impress actress Jodie Foster. ALS, one page, 8.5 x 10.75, no date. Addressed from St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C., a handwritten letter to Rolling Stone magazine: "I've followed the debate in your magazine concerning gun control and I wish …

Sold For: $1,553 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Two TLSs, each one page, FBI letterhead, dated 1949 and 1966. The first, to John F. Ballenger, dated September 8, 1949, in part: "I have been advised of your appearance before the Forty-second Session of the FBI National Academy‚ĶI have also been informed that due to the inability of Colonel Charles H. Schoeffel of the New Jersey State Police to appear with you, that you took that entire four …

Sold For: $125 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Three glossy and semi-glossy photos, ranging in size from 8 x 10 to 11 x 8.5, each showing Secret Service agent Clint Hill on the back of the presidential limousine during the tragic motorcade drive of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy through Dallas and Dealey Plaza, each signed in black felt tip by Hill. In overall fine condition.

Sold For: $250 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Leader of a special Prohibition squad (1903-1957), known as the Untouchables, which led to the downfall of Al Capone and his successor Frank Nitti, and the capture of John Dillinger. Hotel Astor counter check, 8 x 3.25, filled out and signed by Ness, "Eliot Ness," drawn on Riggs National Bank and payable to the Hotel Astor for $30, November 5, 1946. In fine condition.

Sold For: $1,376 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details

Mercantile National Bank at Dallas check, 8 x 3, filled out and signed by Ruby, "Jack Ruby," payable to Coca Cola Co. for $12, August 5, 1953. Affixed to a golden mount and in fine condition.

Sold For: $963 (w/BP) Auction #610 - June 16, 2021 View Details