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Vellum manuscript DS, signed "B. Franklin, Presidt.," one page, 20 x 11.25, November 23, 1785. As president of Pennsylvania's Supreme Executive Council, Franklin grants a parcel of land under the provisions of an act titled "An Act for the immediate Sale of the Lot of Ground in the City of Philadelphia whereon the old Goal [i.e., "gaol," the British variant of "jail"] and Workhouse lately sto…

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Faneuil Hall lottery ticket, nicely signed at the bottom, "John Hancock," 3.5 x 1.75, dated June 1765. The ticket reads, in full: "Faneuil-Hall Lottery, No. Five. The possessor of this ticket (No. 3737) is intitled to any Prize drawn against said Number, in a Lottery granted by an Act of the General Court of the Province of Massachusetts-Bay for Rebuilding Faneuil-Hall; subject to no Deduction." …

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Important financier who signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution (1734-1806). Partly-printed DS, signed “Rob't Morris,” one page, 6.5 x 4, November 10, 1795. Promissory note in which John Nicholson promises to pay Robert Morris $5,000 thirty months later. Boldly endorsed on the reverse by Morris. In very good condition, with several folds,…

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